What Makes CBT A Successful Therapy?

Therapists in London say that CBT has an approximate success rate of 50 percent. Although, originally designed for depression, CBT helps treat anxiety, addictions, phobias and mood/sleep disorders. One of the key reasons for its success is that it is not as expensive as regular therapy and usually CBT has a shorter duration. Book best CBT therapist Avy in UK from http://avyjoseph.com.

Most therapists believe that CBT enables people with mental illnesses to successfully break their negative thought cycle and empowers them to deal with their problems in a rational and logical manner. CBT is a long term fix to problems that are otherwise only considered manageable with long term medication.

Dynamic NAV-The Star Product from Microsoft’s ERP Bouquet

NAV was already a popular account suite platform in Scandinavian countries in the 1980s-90s. Its multi currency functionality was a big selling point. When Microsoft acquired it, Navison was already a bestseller. To improve its brand positioning, Microsoft merged it with its existing ERP plan under the project “Green Belt”. It brought all its existing ERP suites under the same umbrella and marketed the package as Dynamic NAV, the star product. Metaphorix uk is official selling partner of dynamics nav.